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B.C. Hix



New Release

My Dad is a Hitman

As Luke and his dad, Larry Wimms, move across the country to start a new life, Larry’s promise of adventure takes a challenging and dangerous detour. Larry decides to take the place of an international hitman, whom he finds dead in their adjoining hotel room. Larry is a social goof who is notorious for inappropriate comments, dad jokes that Luke finds cheesy, and excessive, irritating air quotes. Known for his history of harebrained ideas and lackluster planning, Larry has difficulty convincing his young teenage son how he can pull off his new career choice.


The combination of humor, drama, and uncommon intricacies make it a must-read for fans of the Young Adult genre.

-Margaret B., Advanced Reader


The ending… suspenseful, mind blowing, and a completely unexpected twist!  Not one, but two thumbs up! 

-Donna F., Teacher

I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a fun escape from the every day grind and polarizing climate.  Here’s a book we can simply enjoy!

-Deric G., Small Business Owner and Parent


“Death for the wicked, that’s what it means,” I said. 

He looked at me…his head tilted in confusion, and said, “That’s what…what means?” 

“The Latin phrase on the emblem means death for the wicked. I’m not kidding, Dad, these people are no joke.”

My Dad is a Hitman


About B.C. Hix

B.C. Hix might have made a good hitman, but the idea of prison is a little too scary. Instead, he wrote his first novel, My Dad is a Hitman, and is already working to complete the sequel.


When not writing, B.C. Hix enjoys outdoor activities of all sorts and lounging on beaches in faraway places with his wife and two children. Follow him on social media to stay up to date.

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