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My Dad is a Hitman

As Luke and his dad, Larry Wimms, move across the country to start a new life, Larry’s promise of adventure takes a challenging and dangerous detour. Larry decides to take the place of an international hitman, whom he finds dead in their adjoining hotel room. Larry is a social goof who is notorious for inappropriate comments, dad jokes that Luke finds cheesy, and excessive, irritating air quotes. Known for his history of harebrained ideas and lackluster planning, Larry has difficulty convincing his young teenage son how he can pull off his new career choice.


My Dad is a Hitman

A Novel

The second novel in the two-part My Dad is a Hitman series, Luke and Larry stumble through the hidden world of assassins and espionage. Now that they realize they are in over their heads, they will need to get creative to survive.

Coming Soon
Image by Florian Klauer
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